Multiple doctors and multiple examinations could not figure out why Lauri Sieben had spent much of her life “never feeling quite right” physically. Fortunately for Lauri, that changed after her daughter Christy began working as a genetic counselor in Mayo Clinic’s Molecular Technologies Laboratory. After seeing similarities between the patient testing she was performing for the lab and the physical symptoms being experienced by her mom, Christy took a leading role in getting Lauri to undergo molecular and biochemical testing at Mayo Clinic. The results of that testing not only provided much-needed answers, but a promising path forward for Lauri.

By Cory Pedersen • February 5, 2024

Robin Patel, M.D., explains how a new Mayo Clinic Laboratories' assay can identify central nervous system pathogens that standard tests fail to detect. Rapid, precise diagnosis is essential to preventing long-term effects from these infections.

By Barbara J. Toman • January 2, 2024

Antibody against the GABA-A receptor is a biomarker of autoimmune encephalopathy that occurs across the lifespan, and disproportionately affects children. In this test-specific episode of the "Answers From the Lab" podcast, Andrew McKeon, M.B., B.Ch., M.D., explains how Mayo Clinic Laboratories' GABA-A receptor antibody assay aids diagnosis of this serious but treatable condition.

By Barbara J. Toman • December 19, 2023

One summer morning, James Kypuros awoke to find his toes stiffened like claws. Then he started having falls, which culminated in losing his ability to walk or even sit up without help. Diagnosed with stiff-person syndrome, James wouldn’t find hope or relief until he was treated for glycine receptor antibody syndrome following specialized testing by Mayo Clinic.

By Chris Bahnsen • December 11, 2023

Mayo Clinic Laboratories, a leading global reference laboratory, and Progentec Diagnostics, a digital health and biomarker technology-based company focused on autoimmune conditions, today announced a strategic collaboration to bring Progentec’s suite of proprietary biomarker blood tests for the proactive management of autoimmune diseases to market. The collaboration aims to increase accessibility for providers and patients across the U.S. and select global markets.

By Mayo Clinic Laboratories • November 7, 2023

In August of 2021, 28-year-old Mike Knudson, a Twin Cities resident known for his vibrant and active lifestyle, set out on what he anticipated to be an adventurous hiking vacation to the picturesque Glacier National Park in Montana. Little did he know that this journey in nature would be the start of an unexpected life path.

By Nicole Holman • October 9, 2023

In this “Hot Topic,” Divyanshu Dubey, M.B.B.S., associate professor of laboratory medicine and pathology and neurology at Mayo Clinic, discusses various clinical and paraclinical features of autoimmune encephalitis, autoimmune seizures, and epilepsy.

By MCL Education • September 11, 2023

Identifying a precise genetic cause of hearing loss impacts clinical management. Nicole Boczek, Ph.D., and Melanie Meyer, M.S., CGC, explain how Mayo Clinic Laboratories' updated panel yields comprehensive results for optimal patient care.

By Samantha Rossi • August 1, 2023

In this episode of “Answers From the Lab,” host Bobbi Pritt, M.D., chair of the Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology at Mayo Clinic, is joined by Vanda Lennon, M.D., Ph.D., founder of the Neuroimmunology Laboratory and now director of the Neuroimmunology Research Laboratory at Mayo Clinic. Dr. Pritt and Dr. Lennon discuss the research and testing innovations that have led to critical advancements in the field of autoimmune neurology over the last few decades.

By Suzanne Ferguson • July 27, 2023

Tying together the expertise and curiosity of Mayo Clinic autoimmune neurology researchers with eager patients who have rare disease and are looking for answers, the innovative collaboration benefits both patients affected by MOGAD and scientists on the front lines of discovery.

By Robin Huiras-Carlson • July 12, 2023

Joe Mondloch and his wife Sue have existed in a grey area of uncertainty due to the unpredictable autoimmune neurological illness Joe has lived with for the last seven years. Rare, incurable, and debilitating, the newly classified disorder can be hard to manage. But thanks to information and direction provided by a rare disease advocacy group, the Mondlochs sought care at Mayo Clinic and received much more than answers.

By Robin Huiras-Carlson • July 10, 2023

Angela Pickart, M.S., CGC, and Emily Lauer, M.S., CGC, explain how Mayo Clinic Laboratories' multigene panel helps identify the cause of hereditary ataxia. Precise diagnosis of this complex movement disorder helps guide patient treatment and family screening.

By Barbara J. Toman • June 27, 2023

This Specialty Testing webinar will discuss the spectrum of autoimmune movement disorders and explore diagnosis and treatment.

By MCL Education • June 21, 2023