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Patrice Brown, PA(ASCP), shares her story of growing up in Virginia and moving to Rochester, Minnesota to work at Mayo Clinic. She also shares her unique perspective of traveling internationally as COVID-19 was starting to spread.

By Chris Bahnsen • January 6, 2021

Dr. Graham recalls how his upbringing influenced his outlook on life and discusses the power of investing in relationships.

By Chris Bahnsen • December 18, 2020

Looking back on their wedding, the Bashiers feel the event was a shining example of how greater empathy and understanding can be fostered between two very different cultures via a communal exchange of customs and traditions on an intimate level.

By Chris Bahnsen • November 20, 2020

After a traumatic fall, Andrew “Roo” Yori’s persistence and athletic gifts allowed him to achieve his dream of becoming an American Ninja Warrior in 2016. Roo uses his celebrity to raise funds for his dog rescue foundation, which helps support other programs and organizations that are making an impact for homeless dogs in their community.

By Chris Bahnsen • October 27, 2020