Cut Costs

UofL Health – UofL Hospital physicians and laboratory scientists faced challenges in the ordering of autoimmune and paraneoplastic panels: duplicate orders that add unnecessary cost and omitted test orders that could provide the key to the right diagnosis for patients.

By Hannah Crawford • March 15, 2021

Xinjie Xu, Ph.D., co-director of Mayo's Genetics and Genomics Laboratory, explains Mayo Clinic Laboratories' updated approach to testing for risk stratification of patients newly diagnosed with plasma cell proliferative disorders, such as multiple myeloma. Based on recently published data, the new testing algorithms focus on use of fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) panels, rather than chromosome studies.

By Samantha Rossi • December 15, 2020

Mayo Clinic’s Biochemical Genetics Laboratory has announced an updated second-tier test to detect Krabbe disease (KD) that uses psychosine (PSY) as a disease marker. The new test method has significantly higher sensitivity to detect this devastating disease in infants and allows identification of KD patients with minimal psychosine elevations.

By Chris Bahnsen • May 28, 2020