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For individuals affected by chronic diarrhea or unexplained weight loss, timely diagnosis is essential to placing them on the proper treatment pathway and preventing further harm. Stool testing for malabsorption syndromes, which encompass an array of intestinal disorders, can provide information on the cause of chronic symptoms, leading to improved diagnosis and enhanced disease management. Traditional testing, however, frequently requires sequential tests, each requiring a separate stool sample. This often results in frustrating, extended wait times for answers.

Mayo Clinic Laboratories, which is integrated with the clinical gastroenterology practice at Mayo Clinic, understands the worry patients and their loved ones feel while awaiting test results. To expedite and streamline the diagnostic testing experience, we’ve developed a comprehensive malabsorption panel that evaluates for four disease markers with just one stool sample.

Key testing

MALP | Malabsorption Evaluation Panel, Feces

  • Particularly useful for pediatric patients.
  • Simplifies the ordering process.
  • Saves time.
  • Requires a single stool sample.
  • Quickly rules in or out numerous causes of GI conditions.
  • Facilitates patient compliance.

Patient-focused, expert-backed evaluations

Available exclusively at Mayo Clinic Laboratories and appropriate for all ages, our malabsorption evaluation panel includes assays carefully selected for their ability to quickly eliminate differential diagnosis and target the root cause of the gastrointestinal distress. Designed to expedite answers, our panel minimizes stress and optimizes patient outcomes.

Included testing

A1AF | Alpha-1-Antitrypsin, Random, Feces

  • Tests for protein loss through evaluation of Alpha-1-antitrypsin, a protein largely resistant to breakdown and a good marker of how much protein is lost in the stool.

CALPR | Calprotectin, Feces

  • Tests for mucosal and intestinal inflammation through evaluation of the inflammatory marker calprotectin

ELASF | Pancreatic Elastase, Feces

  • Evaluates for the pancreatic elastase enzyme, which indicates the body’s ability to digest certain proteins and carbohydrates.

UREDF | Reducing Substance, Feces

  • Tests for carbohydrate malabsorption, or malabsorption of glucose or fructose.

Novel malabsorption panel speeds diagnosis

Puanani Hopson, D.O., explains how Mayo Clinic Laboratories’ malabsorption panel can provide timelier diagnosis for children with chronic diarrhea or unexplained weight loss. The novel panel, which bundles four existing tests, requires just one stool sample.

Targeted testing for trusted results

Diagnosis for some forms of malabsorption can be made clinically; however, advanced testing is often required for diagnostic confirmation. Test results provide a clearer understanding of the disease process, equipping clinicians with detailed information to direct treatment and follow-up care.

Access to Mayo Clinic expertise

When you partner with us, you extend your network to include some of the world's leading gastroenterology experts. Our clinicians, laboratorians, and genetic counselors are available for consultation seven days a week to provide interpretive expertise and support.

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