Providing an accurate
diagnosis for patients.

Testing to diagnose and
manage red blood
cell abnormalities

Our metabolic hematology laboratory is dedicated to providing accurate diagnoses and interpretations with an emphasis on clinical significance for your patients. Our cases are signed out by board-certified hematopathologists in the context of comprehensive, algorithmic panels, which guide laboratory testing choices to address a specific clinical question.

By The Numbers


profiles for the evaluation of benign hematologic disorders


hemoglobin variants identified by the laboratory


hemoglobin variants first described by Mayo Clinic

An algorithmic and cost-effective
way of testing.

Because the incidence of distinct red blood cell disorders varies from common to very rare, these reflexive algorithms guide appropriate testing and minimize unnecessary assays. For hematologists requiring only a single test in the process, many components of these evaluations can also be ordered individually, and our laboratory welcomes input regarding differential diagnoses and test utilization.

Webinar - Erythrocytosis

The underlying causes of erythrocytosis (high hemoglobin/hematoctrit) have been progressively elucidated in recent years. The identification of the underlying causes has assumed greater importance with the identification of the JAK2 V617 mutation found in polycythemia vera and other myeloproliferative neoplasms.

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