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Red blood cell disorders

Testing to diagnose and manage red blood cell abnormalities

Mayo Clinic’s Metabolic Hematology Laboratory is dedicated to providing accurate diagnoses and clinical interpretations for patients.

Because the incidence of distinct red blood cell disorders can vary from common to rare, cases are signed out by board-certified hematopathologists who use comprehensive algorithmic panels to help guide appropriate testing choices and minimize unnecessary assays.

For hematologists whose patients require only a single test, many components of our specialized test menu can be ordered individually.

Red blood cell disorders Test Menu

Benign evaluations

Mayo Clinic’s Metabolic Hematology Laboratory has identified more than 400 hemoglobin variants and described more than 45. The lab’s diagnostic genetic testing results are evaluated by board-certified genetic counselors who specialize in translating genetic information into clinical contexts. Our genetic counselors make their clinical decisions by focusing on the utility and limitations of specific genetic testing methods, familial genetic testing strategies, and genetic variant interpretation, and by identifying potential reproductive risks associated with a test finding.

Key testing

Next-generation sequencing assays

Key testing

Additional testing


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