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Children’s Oncology Group

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Our Cytogenetics Laboratory is one of the longest-standing Children’s Oncology Group (COG)-approved laboratories in the world. Our team is committed to meeting the specific needs of COG patients and has developed one of the largest COG-specific testing menus to do just that. This certification confirms our commitment to the care of pediatric cancer patients.

Children’s Oncology Group Test menu

Children’s Oncology Group

Our Children's Oncology Group team provides more than a test result. We work to establish relationships with care providers, clinical research assistants, and clinical staff to provide the best patient care. Our physicians offer test-ordering recommendations and provide trusted opinions on a case-by-case basis. Because of our large COG test volumes, we employ a dedicated COG team with laboratorians, technical specialists, and laboratory directors focused on pediatric patient cases. Our team:

  • Reviews and submits all COG paperwork for approval in clinical trials.
  • Offers testing on all specimen types, including bone marrow, blood, formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissue, and more.
  • Provides customized, interpretive reports for even the most complex cases.

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