Precision results to inform treatment decisions

Mayo Clinic Laboratories’ full suite of pediatric hematologic testing identifies common and rare pediatric disorders, including serious blood cancers, and provides accurate answers to inform treatment decisions. Test results can also support the placement of pediatric patients in clinical trials. Our clinically meaningful testing was developed by a team of multidisciplinary experts and built around the needs of young patients, providing answers to help set patients on the path toward healing.

Pediatric Test menu

Children’s Oncology Group testing

Our Children's Oncology Group works to establish relationships with care providers, clinical research assistants, and clinical staff to provide the best patient care. Our physicians offer test-ordering recommendations and provide trusted opinions on a case-by-case basis. Because of our large COG test volumes, we employ a dedicated COG team with laboratorians, technical specialists, and laboratory directors focused on pediatric patient cases. Offering more than test results, our Children’s Oncology Group testing services include:

  • Review and submission of all COG paperwork for approval in clinical trials.
  • Testing on all specimen types, including bone marrow, blood, formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissue, and more.
  • Customized, interpretive reports for even the most complex cases.

Key testing


Chromosome analysis

Chromosome testing can reveal genetic causes of pediatric hematological disorders, facilitating diagnosis and classification of the illness.

Key testing

Coagulation disorders

Our Special Coagulation Laboratory has been at the forefront of patient-centered and value-based diagnostic laboratory testing, research, and patient management for nearly 90 years.

Key testing

Lymphoid neoplasms

Our comprehensive lymphoma test menu was designed to assist physicians in diagnosing some of the most complex diseases to identify.

B-cell lymphoma

T-cell lymphoma

Philadelphia chromosome-like leukemia

Infantile leukemia

Myeloid neoplasms

Our leukemia test menu includes flow cytometry, chromosome, FISH, and molecular testing. We provide accurate results and expert interpretation from a highly focused team of laboratory specialists.

Key testing

Panel testing


Myelodysplastic syndrome


Red blood cell disorders

Because the incidence of distinct red blood cell disorders can vary from common to rare, cases are signed out by board-certified hematopathologists who use comprehensive algorithmic panels to help guide appropriate testing choices and minimize unnecessary assays.

Benign evaluations

Next-generation sequencing assays


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