Testing and tools to expand your lab’s impact

We can help build your lab’s capabilities to elevate patient care and drive the financial stability of your hospital or health system. Whether looking to expand your test menu, drive more revenue, or connect with Mayo Clinic clinical and business experts, we provide resources to enhance patient care and optimize your lab’s impact.



We are committed to Mayo Clinic’s founding principle of sharing knowledge to improve medical care and provide subject matter experts and educational opportunities to help clients strengthen clinical practice, advance understanding, and elevate patient outcomes.



We provide clients with a dedicated team of account specialists, clinical experts, and technical professionals. In addition, our clients receive access to:

  • Mayo Laboratory Inquiry, a 24/7 customer service center that is always answered by a representative who facilitates personalized and timely service.
  • Dedicated clinical specialty representatives who help guide appropriate test ordering through educational interventions and ordering guidance.
  • Mayo Clinic physicians and subject matter experts to discuss test ordering and result interpretations, which helps extend care teams and introduce physicians to new tests and techniques.
  • Personalized logistics support including shipping supplies and comprehensive shipping instructions via an integrated courier network, which ensures specimens are delivered safely and on time.

Test menu

For more than 50 years, Mayo Clinic Laboratories has provided rare and complex assays as well as routine testing to Mayo Clinic patients and clients around the globe. Our integration with the clinical practice at Mayo Clinic supports the development of testing aligned with clinical need. Our menu:

  • Features cutting-edge technologies, many first-in-class assays, and innovative, algorithmic-based approaches.
  • Supports hospitals and health systems in expanding into new areas of specialized care.
  • Allows you to consolidate more send-out testing to one lab, boosting your lab’s efficiency.

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