Clinical excellence

Inspiring confidence

At Mayo Clinic Laboratories, we provide answers for patients and their healthcare providers when they need them most. We work alongside our partners, one healthcare system to another, to deliver expertise, tools, and data to help clients realize the power of their lab to optimize patient care. Because more than 70% of clinical decisions are influenced by laboratory data, high-quality answers are integral to elevating patient care.

The unique collaboration between Mayo Clinic Laboratories and the clinical practice at Mayo Clinic enables the development of advanced, patient-focused testing that meets a medical need. This integration not only supports the implementation of clinically meaningful assays, it also fosters pioneering research and the creation of educational resources that improve healthcare for all.

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Advancing knowledge

Mayo Clinic was founded with the belief that sharing medical information is integral to improving understanding. Our laboratory physicians and scientists are available to collaborate on patient orders and discuss test results. Access to our clinical experts and vast testing library helps clients expand and diversify into areas of specialized diagnostics, providing patients in their communities with world-class care.

“Because of the highly integrated nature of Mayo Clinic's practice of medicine, we're asking questions, we're making observations in our practice that maybe others don't make. As soon as that question is asked clinically, that's really what spurs the innovation within the laboratory to address it.””

William Morice II, M.D., Ph.D., President and CEO, Mayo Clinic Laboratories


Patient-centric innovation

When Mayo Clinic physicians, through patient care, identify a need for a new diagnostic test, our robust innovation hub develops a new test for clinical use. This relationship enables the development of novel assays that are often the first-to-market. Because the rate of scientific discovery continues to accelerate, our testing is routinely assessed to ensure clinical relevance. 


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