Permissions Manager Updates

January 22, 2024

Permissions Manager Updates

When working with a user's permissions, Client Administrators can now remove a user associated with selected accounts. Removing the account association will also remove all the user's permissions in that account.

User Log-in Status

Permissions Manager will now display each user’s login status. This can help you find and remove users who are no longer working in the selected account, find users who may be locked out of due to inactivity, and identify users who have not completed their registration process.  

Icon Key: 

  • Green means “Signed on within 90 days.”
  • Red means “No sign on within 90 days.”
  • Yellow means “Incomplete registration." 

Green: “Signed on within 90 days”
The user has logged in recently and has a current account on

Red: “No sign on within 90 days”
The user has not logged in within 90 days. Their account on may be locked. If the user no longer needs access to this account, you can remove the user’s association with this account. See the section “Removing a user from an account”. 
If the user still needs to log in, the login screen on will direct them to reset their password.

Yellow “Incomplete registration" 
This user has begun the registration process but has not logged in on yet. The user should look for their welcome email.

The “By user” screen will also show the user’s login status: 

The status definitions/key are the same as for By Account. The CSV export now also includes each user’s last login date.

Permissions Manager Updates

Inactive accounts are now displayed in Permissions Manager. This feature enables clients to remove old permissions from inactive accounts as well as grant user access for permissions such as invoices. Invoices can be tied to inactive accounts no longer used for ordering.

The inactive accounts have been added to the account selector, italicized, and labeled to indicate their status:

Account status has also been added to both the ACCOUNT and USER tabs. In the "by user" workflow, users can toggle inactive accounts on or off.

By account:

By user: