Neurofascin 155 IgG4 testing

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Among patients affected by CIDP, the presence of neurofascin 155 (NF155) IgG4 antibodies indicates a more severe disease presentation and relatively poor treatment response to IVIG, a commonly used first therapy. Using advanced laboratory testing to detect NF155 antibodies, which are found in 4% to 18% of CIDP patients, helps providers solidify diagnosis and choose the best treatment option for patients. Mayo Clinic Laboratories’ NF155 antibody test is the first commercially available CIDP antibody test in the U.S. to use flow cytometry to confirm NF155 IgG4-mediated CIDP.

NF4FS | Neurofascin-155 IgG4, Flow Cytometry, Serum

  • Utilizes live cell flow cytometry to measure antibodies directed against NF155 protein expressed on the surface of HEK 293 cells. The use of flow cytometry enables higher clinical specificity for detection of NF155 antibodies than other testing platforms.
  • Consider NF155 IgG4 antibody testing in the following instances:
    • Inconclusive electrodiagnostic studies
    • To confirm diagnosis of CIDP
    • Pinpoint phenotype to guide treatment

A Test in Focus

John Mills, Ph.D., explains Mayo Clinic Laboratories' new neurofascin 155 (NF155) IgG4 antibody test, which is the first commercially available test in the U.S. to use flow cytometry to detect for NF155 antibodies and confirm diagnosis of CIDP.


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