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Movement disorders

Expertise in autoimmune and hereditary conditions

Mayo Clinic Laboratories offers advanced movement disorder testing, covering autoimmune and hereditary causes of these conditions. Through research led by clinical, lab, and genetic experts, we are actively seeking new biomarkers and genetic causes for movement disorders. Our testing incorporates the latest technological advances, and our experts leverage extensive experience in interpreting test results and guiding clinical management.

Clinical discoveries through collaborative research

Mayo Clinic is committed to advancing the understanding of the mechanisms of movement disorders, with clinical, lab, and genetic experts devoted to research that improves outcomes for patients. These efforts include searching for new biomarkers of disease as well as genetic causes, which, when confirmed, are added to our autoimmune and genetic test offerings. These same experts are available to help guide physicians in test ordering and results interpretation, lending their depth of experience in diagnosing and treating movement disorders to ordering physicians.

“As we learn more about these conditions, we are translating those advances into better testing for better patient care.”

Andrew McKeon, M.B., B.Ch., M.D., director of Neuroimmunology Laboratory

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