Customized collaborations to grow your laboratory

For more than 50 years, Mayo Clinic Laboratories’ outreach specialists have worked alongside clients to support their transition from a hospital-based laboratory to a hospital based-laboratory with a comprehensive outreach growth strategy. Our dedicated team of industry-leading experts partners with senior level executives and laboratory leaders to create strategic laboratory outreach plans based on customized tactics for each organization.

Plans encompass the following strategies:

  • Identifying deficiencies in current business processes and delivering solid solutions, strategies, and recommendations
  • Creating a competitive laboratory model
  • Measuring impact and building upon existing platforms for enduring success
  • Maintaining financial discipline
  • Driving outreach program progress, success, and future growth opportunities through metrics and hard-wired performance standards

We partner with laboratory and executive leaders to enhance and promote the clinical, business, and operational relevance of the hospital laboratory to health system leaders.