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Pathology Consultation

Guidance for pathology consultation requests

Our consultative practice is supported by more than 100 board-certified pathologists who are equipped with subspecialty expertise and available to consult on any case. The interaction between our pathologists and ordering physicians enables the best diagnosis and treatment approach, as our pathologists have the opportunity to ask for additional clinical information as well as address any questions from ordering physicians. A large number of cases are reviewed by more than one subspecialty pathologist to ensure the best interpretation.

Pathology consultation testing

Pathology consultation testing

We aspire to offer the highest level of service, which is why the pathology report and a client’s Mayo Clinic Laboratories account number* must accompany pathology consultation requests. The account number is essential for reporting results and billing. Pathology reports help our lab positively identify patients and match specimens to orders. Minimum information required for the pathology report includes:

  • Patient name and date of birth
  • Date of service
  • Gross description
  • Slide(s) and/or Block ID(s)
  • Client pathology accessioning number
  • Consult question(s) to be answered

*Contact Mayo Clinic Laboratories if a new account number is required.

Added guidance

Supplementary information can help our pathologists provide answers. We recommend including a cover letter or notes from the medical record that briefly summarize pertinent findings, as well as relevant lab work and radiographic or imaging studies. Consultation order requests with missing or discrepant information may be delayed and possibly rejected. Please contact Mayo Clinic Laboratories to promptly resolve any issues.

Comprehensive results, detailed answers

Our consultation reports often include a pathologic diagnosis. Reports occasionally address staging or surgical margin questions. If deemed appropriate, multiple specimens and/or cases may be reported. If slides are included in the submission, our report indicates which slides were reviewed. Unrelated material may not be reviewed.

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