Creating a Positive Pediatric Phlebotomy Experience

April 17, 2020

In this "Ask the Expert" article published in the March, 2020 issue of MedicalLab Management, Jane Hermansen, Manager, Outreach and Network Development, describes the elements necessary to manage the challenges of pediatric phlebotomy.

Small Patients, Huge Opportunity

Pediatric patients pose a special challenge for the laboratory. For a pediatric patient, today’s positive phlebotomy experience sets the stage for a positive health care experience tomorrow. The laboratory has the opportunity to influence and create a positive experience, from staff to the environment and, of course, the procedure itself.

Many organizations have engaged child life specialists to design facilities and train staff on managing the pediatric patient. Phlebotomists must be capable of providing adequate support, from training parents to assist with effective hold positions, to using toys and other distractions. Some organizations have even hidden artwork in their blank walls, which is brought to life when activated by black lights.  

Innovation, creativity and a focus on the patient will ensure a positive outcome for our youngest patients. Read “Ask the Expert: Creating an Exceptional Pediatric Phlebotomy Experience” to  learn more.

Other Resources to Learn More

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