PACE / State of CA / State of FL - This month’s “Virtual Lecture” discusses how building teams includes employee growth, engagement, and communication. In this presentation, Linda Backus and Jennifer Storlie will discuss various tools and training techniques, and how to address difficult employees.

By MCL Education • August 24, 2022

PACE/State of CA/State of FL - Presentation Recording Coming Soon - This “phlebotomy webinar” will walk learners through the quality improvement methodology and describe PDSA cycle interventions that were implemented in this unit which successfully reduced the amount of canceled labs due to specimen integrity.

By MCL Education • August 17, 2022

PACE/State of CA/State of FL - This “phlebotomy webinar” will provide basic information on blood compatibility, the consequences of incompatibility and the recognition of an acute hemolytic transfusion reaction.

By MCL Education • May 18, 2022

In this month’s “Hot Topic,” Brad Karon, M.D., Ph.D., addresses the safe handling of laboratory specimens submitted during the COVID-19 pandemic through his yearly Phlebotomy Top Gun presentation based on the previous year’s Phlebotomy conference.

By MCL Education • February 28, 2022

PACE/State of CA/State of FL - This "Phlebotomy Webinar" will enhance the user’s knowledge regarding how the secrets of magicians can be used to reduce patient fear and anxiety associated with hospital and clinic visits. Attendees will be provided with research studies and rationale for using magic tricks and similar techniques to decrease exam length and possibly sedation needed during radiography exams. Visual examples of concepts will be demonstrated to ensure complete understanding. A variety of tools and recommendations will be offered to fit every health care worker’s comfort level. The goal of the presentation is to provide information that will improve the overall patient experience, as well as make the job of the care provider easier and more enjoyable.

By MCL Education • November 17, 2021

Mayo Clinic Laboratories Education is pleased to announce the release of its third Phlebotomy Module on “Phlebotomy Techniques.” This will be the third of a series of six modules to be released by the MCL Education team over time. The building of these modules is a joint effort with the Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology at Mayo Clinic.

By Heidi Zunker • October 27, 2021

PACE/State of CA/State of FL - This "Phlebotomy Webinar" presentation will review the methods available to detect latent infection with Mycobacterium tuberculosis, or latent tuberculosis infection (LTBI), including the classic tuberculin skin test and the more recently developed interferon gamma release assays (IGRA).

By MCL Education • August 18, 2021

PACE/State of CA/State of FL - This "Phlebotomy Webinar" presentation highlights the most common pre-analytical variables encountered in the hospital setting that may compromise blood specimen integrity and lead to specimen recollection.

By MCL Education • June 18, 2021

In this Phlebotomy Module, learners will be informed about safety. Bloodborne pathogens, PPE, and infection prevention control will be discussed.

By Heidi Zunker • April 15, 2021

In this month’s “Hot Topic,” Brad Karon, M.D., Ph.D., will provide you with an overview of the potential differences in potassium levels that may occur when testing capillary blood versus a venous sample.

By MCL Education • February 1, 2021

PACE/State of CA/State of FL - This “Phlebotomy Webinar” will focus on the role of the phlebotomist and the changes adapted to provide service safely to COVID positive patients in different service areas (ED, ICU vs General floors).

By MCL Education • October 21, 2020

This “Phlebotomy Webinar” will review the physiologic differences between capillary and venous blood, and discuss advantages and limitations to each specimen type.

By MCL Education • August 19, 2020

This “Phlebotomy Webinar” will discuss types, sets, draws, and automated instruments for blood cultures.

By MCL Education • May 20, 2020