Honoring our origins, commemorating our growth

Decades of progress rooted in patient service

From a small-scale enterprise with a two-man sales force and a limited testing menu, to a world-renowned reference lab with an expansive testing catalog featuring more than 3,500 assays, Mayo Clinic Laboratories has experienced significant changes since its inception 50 years ago. What has not changed, however, is our commitment to meeting the needs of the patient — wherever that patient may be.

Reflecting on the past enables us to see how much we’ve grown as an organization. Even more importantly, it allows us to identify improvement areas to better serve our clients. Our 50th anniversary stories detail the origins of Mayo Clinic Laboratories, tracing the path from a small-scale hospital laboratory to a global laboratory leader. Along the way, we introduce the pioneering physicians and change agents who endeavored to impact patient care by advancing our laboratory services.

Explore the major milestones throughout Mayo Clinic Laboratories’ 50-year history

The birth of Mayo Clinic Laboratories: From tiny hometown operation to international mainstay

Read more about the origin and evolution of Mayo Clinic Laboratories, which was founded in March 1971 as the Regional Laboratory. In its first year, the Regional Laboratory acquired 83 clients and processed 1,600 tests. Today, Mayo Clinic Laboratories processes an average of 35,000 tests daily and serves more than 4,000 clients around the world.

Then and now: Upholding Mayo Clinic’s core values

The second installment of our 50th anniversary series highlights how Mayo Clinic Laboratories has remained focused on maintaining our core values throughout history. Support of Mayo Clinic’s three shields — integrated clinical practice, research, and education — differentiated Mayo Clinic Laboratories as a laboratory leader able to evaluate the most challenging cases, while simultaneously advancing Mayo Clinic’s mission of meeting the needs of the patient.

Building the business of lab medicine

In part three of the 50th Anniversary series, Mayo Clinic Laboratories looks further outside the walls of Mayo Clinic. With the belief that the latest in diagnostic testing should be available to any patient, no matter where they are located, the sales force was born.

The evolution of specimen accessioning and delivery

The last installment of our 50th Anniversary series explores how Mayo Clinic Laboratories pioneered best practices in the area of specimen accessioning and delivery.