The right test for patients, when they need it

A streamlined approach to autoimmune neurology testing

Patients with autoimmune neurologic conditions deserve the best chance at an accurate diagnosis. These answers can make a real difference in a patient’s treatment and quality of life.

In the rapidly changing field of autoimmune neurology, health care providers must choose the right diagnostic path for their patients. Traditionally, providers have had to decide between competing diagnostic approaches: “catchall” paraneoplastic panels that contain every neuronal antibody but provide nonspecific answers, or single-antibody testing, which places the burden on providers to know exactly which antibodies to test for. With new, clinically relevant antibodies constantly being discovered, it can seem impossible to keep up.

Mayo Clinic Laboratories is leading an evolution in autoimmune neurology diagnosis. Powered by expertise from our research labs, clinical labs, and Autoimmune Neurology Clinic, we have developed panels customized to address specific phenotypes. This approach delivers more clinically actionable results, providing a clear picture of the diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment options.

Stay at the forefront.  

New, clinically relevant antibodies are constantly being discovered, and many that were once considered extremely rare and of questionable significance are now known to be markers of treatable disorders. At Mayo Clinic Laboratories, we update our phenotype-specific panels regularly as new discoveries are made — so you will always be on the cutting edge.

Do more. For patients and providers.

Phenotype-specific panels ensure only the right test is performed for the patient, when it is needed, avoiding diagnostic delays and the need for redraws. This approach provides peace of mind, knowing every path has been considered to reach the right diagnosis.

Eliminate waste. Increase accuracy.

Providers receive the information they need with one test, providing a clear picture of diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment options. Because ordering is based on patient presentation, guesswork is eliminated from the ordering process, minimizing wrong test orders and additional follow-up orders.

Autoimmune testing education

Our comprehensive test menu includes a tailored evaluation for each autoimmune neurologic phenotype. Download the informational guide today.

Learn more about our unique approach to autoimmune neurology testing from physicians who develop our evaluations.


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