With BioPharma Diagnostics, you have access to Mayo Clinic Laboratories' expansive clinical test menu, including more than 4,400 tests. In addition to offering the world’s most sophisticated specialty test menu, we provide access to research-grade tests, pathology services, and sponsored testing programs, availing unparalleled testing expertise to our biopharma partners.

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Our dedicated CAP-affiliated laboratory directors are board-certified physicians and clinical laboratory scientists who engage in clinical practice as well as research. Bringing clinical experience to the test development arena enables evidence-based innovation rooted in patient outcomes. A partnership with BioPharma Diagnostics provides access to a vast testing library as well as a wealth of patient-centric expertise to optimize clinical trial and drug development.

“Laboratory medicine creates amazing value for any healthcare organization because it's creating data and that data is very valuable. It can drive practice, it can drive cost, it can drive cost deflection, and it can drive insights.”

William Morice II, M.D., Ph.D., CEO and president of Mayo Clinic Laboratories

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