The highest standards in renal diagnostics

Partnering with BioPharma Diagnostics gives you access to over 150 years of advanced medical knowledge. Our renal diagnostics are backed by a multidisciplinary approach and an award-winning team of Mayo Clinic nephrology experts, pathologists, and laboratory scientists who work at the intersection of research and patient care. We believe laboratory medicine offers more than a test result — it is about collaboration to advance kidney disease research and develop new, innovative therapies that have the potential to improve patient outcomes.  

Mayo Clinic Laboratories is at the forefront of renal testing innovation, offering a suite of novel artificial intelligence algorithms that optimize operational workflows and accuracy of kidney stone analysis.  

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Comprehensive disease testing

A collaboration with BioPharma Diagnostics includes access to the renal testing capabilities of Mayo Clinic Laboratories, including:

  • Glomerular disease
  • Kidney function
  • Renal genetics
  • Renal pathology
  • Urinary stone services
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