Heart Failure / Arrhythmia

In this month's "Hot Topic," Linnea Baudhuin, Ph.D., discusses Mayo Clinic Laboratories’ up-to-date gene panel tests for cardiomyopathies and arrhythmias, connective tissue and vascular fragility disorders, dyslipidemias, and congenital heart disease.

By MCL Education • January 9, 2023

In this month’s “Hot Topic,” Nancy Wengenack, Ph.D., provides an overview of the current Mycobacterium chimaera outbreak and discusses what is known regarding the source of infection. In addition, she will discuss the clinical features of the disease and the recommended laboratory tests that can assist with diagnosis.

By Nancy Wengenack • February 19, 2018

This week’s Research Roundup highlights global pulmonary vascular remodeling in pulmonary hypertension associated with heart failure and preserved or reduced ejection fraction.

By Kelley Luedke • December 25, 2017