Anastasia Zekeridou, M.D., Ph.D., explains how Mayo Clinic Laboratories' updated panels and methodology boost the accuracy and efficiency of testing for three autoimmune neurology biomarkers. Early diagnosis is key to managing debilitating conditions associated with these antibodies.

By Barbara J. Toman • June 11, 2024

Divyanshu Dubey, M.B.B.S., explains how Mayo Clinic Laboratories' unique PDE10A and TRIM46 tests facilitate the management of central nervous system disorders triggered by cancers. Early diagnosis and treatment are important for managing disabling neurological symptoms and malignancy.

By Barbara J. Toman • June 4, 2024

In this “Hot Topic,” Divyanshu Dubey, M.B.B.S., associate professor of laboratory medicine and pathology and neurology at Mayo Clinic, discusses various clinical and paraclinical features of autoimmune encephalitis, autoimmune seizures, and epilepsy.

By MCL Education • September 11, 2023

Ed Garber spent months in physical and neurological decline while a cohort of care providers and specialists searched for the root cause of his symptoms. That search for answers ended after testing by Mayo Clinic Laboratories gave them the confirmatory diagnosis they needed.

By Cory Pedersen • December 5, 2022

This “Specialty Testing” webinar will discuss the collaborative effort which led to the discovery of Kelch like protein 11 (KLHL11) IgG as a specific biomarker of neurological autoimmunity associated testicular germ cell tumor.

By MCL Education • July 22, 2021

In this month’s “Hot Topic,” Divyanshu Dubey, M.B.B.S., discusses how patients with encephalopathy and/or epilepsy of unknown etiology may have an autoimmune or paraneoplastic cause.

By MCL Education • October 21, 2019