This week’s research roundup features: Understanding "Patient refuses" among 90+ year old patients with cancer or presumed cancer.

By Samantha Rossi • June 28, 2022

Partnering with Mayo Clinic has helped St. Clair Health improve patient care and gain a new competitive advantage in pharmacogenetics.

By Cory Pedersen • June 27, 2022

Featured Abstract: A dynamic 3-factor survival model for acute myeloid leukemia that accounts for response to induction chemotherapy.

By Meghann Southwick • June 21, 2022

Guided by a patient-centric philosophy, Mayo Clinic Laboratories has a unique internal structure of quality specialists, coordinators, and engineers who constantly evaluate and improve laboratory operations. This structure supports a host of quality assurance activities.

By Chris Bahnsen • June 20, 2022

As director of Regulatory Affairs for the Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology, Shannon Bennett helps safeguard Mayo Clinic’s reputation for quality care by ensuring that its clinical laboratories operate at the highest level of regulatory compliance.

By Tracy Will • June 15, 2022

Featured Abstract: Associations of amyloid and neurodegeneration plasma biomarkers with comorbidities.

By Meghann Southwick • June 14, 2022

This unique Mayo Clinic resource offers a novel portal into the study of gene mutations before they cause breast cancer.

By Chris Bahnsen • June 8, 2022

Featured abstract: Nuclear GSK-3β and oncogenic KRas lead to the retention of pancreatic ductal progenitor cells phenotypically similar to those seen in IPMN.

By Meghann Southwick • June 7, 2022

Working together, Mayo Clinic laboratory medicine specialists and clinicians helped Elyn Simmons get her life back — and welcome two new lives to the world.

By Barbara J. Toman • June 6, 2022

As a clinical laboratory technologist, Daniel Kronemann enjoys going beyond his day-to-day work as he explores new ways to enhance processes and systems in Bacteriology.

By Tracy Will • June 1, 2022

Featured abstract: Substance use screening in transplant populations.

By Meghann Southwick • May 31, 2022

Top highlights include: Monoclonal and oligoclonal anti-Platelet Factor 4 antibodies mediate VITT.

By Meghann Southwick • May 24, 2022

In her role as a proposal writer, Lisa Wortman Raring helps show clients everything Mayo Clinic Laboratories has to offer, making it clear how the organization can best meet their needs and the needs of their patients.

By Tracy Will • May 18, 2022