Stories – MCL at Work

Even though the area he supervises is extremely busy, and patients typically spend only a short amount of time there, Todd Juen strives to foster an environment where no one is treated like a number and everyone feels well cared for — patients and staff members alike.

By Tracy Will • December 1, 2021

Through her work behind the scenes in Mayo Clinic BioPharma Diagnostics, Dawn Stacy is dedicated to helping advance new therapies and diagnostics for patients through clinical trials and other innovative projects.

By Tracy Will • November 17, 2021

Firas Abdul-Hadi, international regional manager for the Middle East and North Africa region, connects health care providers with Mayo Clinic Laboratories, so their patients can benefit from the most advanced, highest quality laboratory testing in the world.

By Tracy Will • November 3, 2021

Cynthia Collie, a hospital account executive for Mayo Clinic Laboratories, focuses on connecting her clients with the right people, tools, and services to meet their needs and goals.

By Tracy Will • October 20, 2021

As a referral specialist who works at a client site, Alonda Snelling-Faulk enjoys being part of the connection between patients and their test results. And as part of her job, she’s eager to learn all she can about the tests and what they mean for the people Mayo Clinic Laboratories serves.

By Tracy Will • October 6, 2021

As a regulatory affairs coordinator in Quality Management Services, it’s Corrisa Miliander’s job to report diseases to each state across the country as required by law — a crucial role that supports public health agencies as they work to monitor and control outbreaks of communicable diseases.

By Tracy Will • September 15, 2021

As a technical publications specialist, Pat Staley ensures that health care providers and laboratorians have the clear, concise, accurate information about Mayo Clinic Laboratories’ tests that they need to guide patient care.

By Tracy Will • September 1, 2021

Dustin Strasburg’s role as a technical specialist in the Human Cell Therapy Lab gives him the opportunity to delve into a wide range of tasks — from research to experiment design to validation runs — all while staying laser-focused on meeting the needs of patients.

By Tracy Will • August 18, 2021

In her role as an education program manager, Heidi Zunker works to bring world-class digital education that’s rooted in Mayo Clinic expertise to thousands of people each year.

By Tracy Will • August 4, 2021

For the last year, Emily Fernholz’s time has been consumed by COVID-19. But as the pandemic has eased, she’s turned her attention back to the usual business of Mayo’s Clinical Virology/Parasitology Laboratory: testing for virus-, parasite-, and vector-borne diseases.

By Tracy Will • July 21, 2021

Shawn Mitchell brings a wealth of laboratory expertise to his role as a senior product manager at Mayo Clinic Laboratories, where he puts his knowledge to work promoting Mayo’s innovative infectious disease testing.

By Tracy Will • July 7, 2021

In her role as a laboratory technologist resource coordinator, Amy Nelson has to be prepared to handle whatever questions, concerns or issues come her way from Mayo Clinic Laboratories' clients. That ability to be ready for anything has served her well as her work has shifted and changed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

By Tracy Will • June 16, 2021

Last year, when Brian Netzel was redeployed from Mayo Clinic's Biochemical Genetics Lab to a lab testing for COVID-19, he put his skills to work wherever they were needed — alongside hundreds of other Mayo staff doing the same as they battled the pandemic together.

By Tracy Will • June 2, 2021