Stories – MCL at Work

Before joining Mayo Clinic, Samantha Aldrich worked for a multisite hospital system in Michigan for 10 years. Now, as a regional service representative for Mayo Clinic Laboratories, she serves as a client advocate and works to help send out laboratories improve their operations, services, education, and training.

By Nicole Holman • March 15, 2023

As a senior principal developer for the brand-new Process Innovation Through Automation Laboratory, Brian Dukek helps labs throughout the Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology evaluate new automation tools and streamline automation workflows.

By Cory Pedersen • March 1, 2023

As a director of operations for Mayo Clinic Laboratories, Callie Bishop helps meet the needs of Mayo Clinic Laboratories clients both virtually and onsite in the field.

By Cory Pedersen • February 15, 2023

As a national accounts executive for Mayo Clinic Laboratories, Paul Schneider helps to improve and advance diagnostic patient care by bringing Mayo Clinic Laboratories testing to many of the nation’s top health care systems.

By Cory Pedersen • February 1, 2023

As a national accounts executive for Mayo Clinic Laboratories, Kimberly Knight helps clients see and understand the importance of laboratory testing and how partnering with Mayo Clinic Laboratories on that testing can help them and their patients.

By Cory Pedersen • January 18, 2023

As a hospital account executive for Mayo Clinic Laboratories, Vanessa Gonzalez Casar supports and partners with local hospitals to ensure their patients receive the right test at the right time.

By Cory Pedersen • January 4, 2023

Terra Lasho is an assistant professor of medicine and principal research technologist for the Division of Hematology, where she works to help transform patient care from bench to bedside.

By Cory Pedersen • December 21, 2022

As a clinical specialty representative for Mayo Clinic Laboratories, Doug Smith works to promote Mayo Clinic’s core values and support community-based health care and integrated delivery systems through the sale of Mayo Clinic Laboratories tests.

By Cory Pedersen • December 7, 2022

Michael Baisch has been a systems engineer in the Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology (DLMP) at Mayo Clinic for 18 years. Michael partners with the laboratories and business offices to evaluate their workflows for optimal quality, efficiency, and cost. He strives to improve processes so the entire team can get results into the hands of the patient and their care team in an accurate, timely, and cost-effective manner.

By Luci Gens • November 16, 2022

As an event management coordinator for the Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology at Mayo Clinic, Jason Majorowicz acts as an investigator when something may deviate from its established process. With a background in biotechnology and over 20 years of experience at Mayo Clinic, Jason helps with process improvement, quality assurance, and problem-solving.

By Luci Gens • November 2, 2022

Elise Bieri Patzke has worked at Mayo Clinic for 17 years and is currently a project manager in Mayo Clinic BioPharma Diagnostics. She enjoys collaborating with her laboratory colleagues to pursue test development projects and biopharma opportunities that support the advancement of health care.

By Luci Gens • October 19, 2022

Deb Wells is the director of Quality Management Services at Mayo Clinic Laboratories. A science lover from a young age, Deb has long worked in medical laboratory science and is passionate about being an advocate for lab safety and quality.

By Luci Gens • October 5, 2022

Connie Ohnstad is the supervisor for Mayo Clinic Laboratories Inventory, which includes Mayo Clinic Laboratories Packaging and Specimen Kit Orders (SKO). Connie wears many hats as a supervisor at MCL, and she has a long history with Mayo Clinic, which has employed several generations of Connie’s family. She takes pride in ensuring that every day she offers her best for her employees, patients, and clients.

By Luci Gens • September 21, 2022