A world-class investment 

Collaboration resulting in world-class, value-based patient care

Achieving greatness for yourself and your patients requires thinking and acting outside of the box. That’s why years ago, leaders at Cayuga Medical Center in Ithaca, New York, formed a partnership with Mayo Clinic Laboratories to deliver highly specialized lab testing and clinical support for patients in their community. The partnership helped Cayuga expand its own lab services to a clinically integrated network of nearby community health care providers instead of outsourcing the majority of lab testing. 

A web of care, close to home: Support on the cancer journey

Dr. Dollahite received world-class cancer treatment from a web of health care organizations, including Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. Yet she never left New York; most of her treatment occurred in Ithaca. What made that possible was Cayuga Medical Center’s collaborative relationship with Mayo Clinic.

Avoid seller’s remorse: Why owning your lab makes sense

For community health care providers, owning a laboratory has been likened to shoveling money down a giant drain. Cayuga Medical Center is challenging that narrative. Instead of selling, Cayuga is investing in its lab — which it considers a value center as well as a key part of patient service.

The result of this long-term investment in its laboratory? Cayuga Medical Center has doubled its lab business over the past decade and turned its hospital lab into a profit and value center. Thanks to Cayuga’s long-standing relationship with Mayo Clinic Laboratories, patients receive world-class care close to home.

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