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Uncovering the full potential of your hospital’s lab

Your hospital lab plays a central role in delivering accurate diagnoses and patient-centric treatment plans. It’s a hub that supports your providers with critical data and actionable results. What if there were ways to improve its performance — with optimized utilization and even revenue generation? It’s more than possible, and we’re here to help.

Strategies for enhancing lab performance

With the need to cut costs while delivering quality care, hospital leaders are under pressure like never before. Your own in-house lab can support both goals. Our e-book provides key strategies for maximizing the value of your lab — by eliminating inappropriate test utilization, building revenue opportunities though outreach programs, and more. Discover the details by sharing your information below.

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Numbers that make a difference

It all adds up to better business and better care.


specialty tests and pathology services to augment local hospital lab offerings


successful outreach engagements to drive revenue


average cost reduction by improving genetic test utilization


support from Mayo Clinic physicians and scientists

Eliminate financial waste. Increase accuracy.  

Over and underutilization of your lab is inefficient and costly. We’ll help you optimize utilization by providing access to the experts who work on complex, esoteric cases from around the world every day. These experts can help guide appropriate test selection and assist with accurate results interpretation.

Expand capabilities. Establish leadership.

Extending your services through an outreach program can provide a significant revenue stream, increasing test volumes and lowering per-unit costs without straining lab capacity. This can mean successfully competing against commercial labs and serving as your local area’s indispensable go-to lab.

Do more. For patients and providers.

When you strengthen your practice, you position your lab as a center of excellence. And with our ongoing reference lab support, we can take on your more esoteric tests for better patient diagnosis and care, and provide expert peer-to-peer consults for your providers. We’ll help you do more for all those you serve.

Our collaborations in action