Consult with Mayo Clinic genetic counselors about testing options

Genetic counselors bring real value to proper test utilization by ensuring the most appropriate test has been ordered. On average, Mayo Clinic genetic counselors modify 8% of all reviewed genetic test orders1, reducing health care costs and benefiting patient care.

Mayo Clinic genetic counselors are available to:

  • Support the ordering process
  • Provide additional information about testing options
  • Offer results interpretation
  • Assist with case review and coordination

Biochemical Genetics

Contact team:

Gessi Bentz Pino, M.S., CGC
April Studinski Jones, M.S., CGC
Amy White, M.S., CGC
Lindsay Zetzsche, M.S., CGC

Cardiovascular, Endocrine and Pharmacogenetics

Contact team:

Michelle Kluge, M.S., CGC
Kate Kotzer, M.S., CGC

Coagulation Disorders, Hemoglobinopathies, and Thalassemias

Contact team:

Lea Coon, M.S.


Contact team:

Kyna Byerly, CGC 
Anna Essendrup, M.S., CGC  
McKinsey Goodenberger,
Cindy Lorentz, M.S., CGC  
Elyse Mitchell, M.S., CGC
Mimi Nguyen, M.S.
Cassandra Runke, M.S., CGC

Maternal Serum Screening


Kate Kotzer, M.S., CGC

Molecular Genetics

Contact team:

Jessica Balcom, M.S., CGC
Marissa Ellingson, M.S., CGC
Christy Koellner, M.S. CGC
Carrie Lahner, M.S., CGC
Emily Lauer, CGC
Angela PIckart, M.S., CGC
Kristen Rasmussen, CGC
Elizabeth Selner, M.S., CGC
Brittany Thomas, M.S., CGC
Lindsey Waltman, CGC

1. Kotzer KE, Riley JD, Conta JH, et al: Genetic testing utilization and the role of the laboratory genetic counselor. Clin Chim Acta 2014;427:193-195