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Strengthen your laboratory’s performance

The lab is not a cost center. We work collaboratively with our clients to increase efficiencies, drive out waste, and transform their lab into a revenue-generating engine.


Cost savings

Mayo Clinic Laboratories offers insights and tools that increase the efficiency of hospital labs by identifying unintentional leakage of routine testing, reducing testing waste and send-out spend, and driving down the cost per diagnosis. This includes:

  • Identifying unintentional leakage: Through targeted data analytics, we help uncover routine testing that is circumventing the hospital laboratory. Channeling these tests through the hospital lab can maximize efficiencies and ensure more revenue remains within the hospital.
  • Reduce send-out spend: Because the best care is delivered locally, we only recommend send-out testing that complements local care delivery. Our account team works with clients to identify opportunities for insourcing and provides comparison samples and validation testing to primary -level clients to help them implement this testing in house.
  • Driving down waste: Our highly detailed, expert-supported algorithmic testing protocols can efficiently guide physicians to accurate diagnosis, eliminating unnecessary testing while supporting faster results and better patient outcomes. The approach supports optimal test utilization by ensuring the right test is ordered for the right patient at the right time.  

Genetic counselor review of complex test orders upon specimen receipt also supports appropriate test utilization. A November 2019 Mayo Clinic Laboratories study found genetic counselor modification of test orders, including cancelation of unnecessary tests and identification of more clinically appropriate testing, resulted in an estimated savings of 12.04% on genetic tests reviewed.

Revenue generation

As the reference laboratory for Mayo Clinic, we have 50 years of development experience and outreach program support. Never a competitor, we collaborate with our clients to help them expand their capabilities and profits. We offer:

  • Consultative services, tools, and tactics that leverage the power of the laboratory.
  • Access to validation testing and comparison samples to help clients bring testing in house.
  • Guidance and support to implement and expand laboratory outreach programs.

Learn more about how Mayo Clinic Laboratories’ Outreach program can help your hospital-based laboratory evolve from a cost center to a revenue generator.



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