Targeted testing for bug-borne disease 

Specific assays identify illness associated with common insects

Our laboratories test for various diseases carried by insect species. The tsetse fly spreads sleeping sickness, which affects 36 countries of sub-Saharan Africa and places 55 million people at risk. Sand flies spread the leishmaniasis group of diseases, which affects 88 countries and places 350 million people at risk. Household bugs spread Chagas disease and place 100 million people at risk in Latin America. Other insects spread filarial diseases, including lymphatic filariasis, loiasis, and onchocerciasis.

Insect-borne testing interpretations

Visceral leishmaniasis

LEIS | Leishmaniasis (Visceral) Antibody, Serum

  • NOTE: Test is NOT appropriate for diagnosing cutaneous leishmaniasis

Parasite identification (arthropods)

PARID  | Parasite Identification, Varies

  • NOTE: Tick identification can be used to guide prophylaxis for Lyme disease and predict the risk for other tick-borne diseases. The report includes tick genus, species, gender, life cycle stage, degree of engorgement, and presence — or absence — of mouthparts.

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