Identifying deadly illnesses caused by pervasive predators    

Individualized testing delivers precise results for optimal treatment

Worldwide, mosquito-borne diseases (MBDs) cause millions of deaths each year, earning mosquitoes the title of world's deadliest animal.

Mayo Clinic Laboratories offers a comprehensive menu of individually orderable tests and panels for MBDs. Additionally, our algorithmic approaches to MBD testing help reduce costs and optimize patient care.

Mosquito-borne testing algorithms and interpretations



West Nile virus

  • NOTE: PCR tests are recommended to be used in conjunction with serological tests.

Eastern equine encephalitis

Western equine encephalitis

California (La Crosse) encephalitis

St. Louis encephalitis

Zika virus

Dengue virus

Chikungunya virus

West Nile virus assay

Bobbi Pritt, M.D., discusses how Mayo Clinic Labs’ updated PCR assay for West Nile virus provides increased sensitivity to detect virus RNA in multiple sources, identifies two virus lineages, and confirms diagnosis.

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