Introducing Message Center on

We are pleased to share that Mayo Clinic Laboratories has launched Message Center. Message Center is a two-way communication tool allowing you to address questions on cases as it’s convenient for you. Clients can respond 24/7 to provide updated status information. In addition, you can also request a test add-on, request a test cancellation, or initiate an inquiry.  

Additional benefits include: 

  • Flexibility and customization of email notifications for priority message types.  
  • Ability to initiate a test add-on, test cancel, or general inquiry.  
  • Intuitive navigation and search functionality for active and closed messages.  
  • Ability to upload/download attachments.  
  • Collaboration and visibility for teams to work on open issues and see discussion history.   
  • Two-way communication.   
  • Ongoing updates to resolve open issues.   
  • Web-based, available at any time, any place. 

For help or questions, please contact us or reference the FAQs or see the User Guide link in the middle right of this page.