Message Center Updates

January 30, 2023

Updates to Message Center functionality

Message Center has been enhanced to include new capabilities:

  • Save a draft
  • My Messages

Save a draft

The save draft capability enables users to save a discussion in progress and then return to edit further, finish, or submit later. Once a message has been started, click on the save draft button. Information will appear under the discussion box identifying who saved the most recent draft, along with date and time.

Once a draft has been saved, the draft icon will appear on the Message Center landing page in the ALL and ACTIVE tabs. To continue editing, open the message and start typing or editing within the discussion box. The draft can be saved again or sent. Anyone with access to an account with a saved draft can edit, delete, or send the message.

My Messages filter

A new filter to see messages you’ve created or updated has been added. You also have the option to filter by messages you/your team created. Neither of these filters are required; you can turn them on/off as needed.