July 16, 2024

New HTML window for Order Information

Under the landing page MESSAGES category, when the client order number link in the Order Information column is clicked, the order details open in a new HTML window smaller than the Message Center landing page.

July 2, 2024

Account Picker

When accounts are selected, users will see those in tiles to the right of the Account Number box. Users can hover over the tile to display the full name if the account name is long.

The account name is too long, and the user hovers on the tile to display the full account name.

Users will have the option to click and 'Select All Accounts.'

Users will be able to SELECT ALL and pick all the site accounts.

Users will see how many accounts cases are showing by seeing 'All accounts selected' or '2 of 6 Accounts.'

Users will be able to see that they have selected all their accounts.

If a circle with an "x" appears in the account name box, users can click on it to remove the corresponding account tile from view. This functionality is available only for certain products.

Settings Page Account Picker

The account selection user interface has been updated:


For Alerts (Critical/Semi-Urgent, Cancel, Revision), users can enter internal notes and save them into the details page case.

Comments entered will be saved within the details page and will not be transmitted to Mayo Clinic. Multiple comments can be appended, each marked with the date, time, and user's name. Once saved, users are unable to delete internal comments.

June 6, 2024

User Preferences for Alert Visibility

Under the settings, users will see "Selected Alert Subtabs will be displayed."

  • The boxes will default as checked so that users will see these tabs: Critical / Semi-Urgent, Cancel, Revision
  • These settings can be changed. The Alert Subtabs can be hidden and added at any time.
  • Users will not be able to hide the Transportation tab.

Users will receive a Notice explaining the action of hiding a subtab will remove the checked box for immediate email notifications for that hidden subtab. A user can reselect the email subscription by scrolling down and clicking the box that was removed under Alerts.

If a user has a subtab hidden and is still receiving immediate email notifications for that hidden subtab, they click on the link in the email it takes them to Message Center. The user will see the message banner informing them that they have this subtab setting off and need to go to the settings page to view it. The link on the message banner will take them to the settings page.

When a user removes the check in the box, they must click the "UPDATE" button at the bottom of the screen to save the changes.

  • They will get a confirmation green message banner at the top of their screen that the changes were successful.
  • Users can X out of the message banner if they want to remove it from the page.

A user will no longer see the hidden subtab on the Landing Page. If a user is viewing multiple account numbers on the Alert tab, those accounts with hidden specific subtabs will not display, and they will not see that account under the Order Information column on the landing page.

In the General Layout area of settings: If a user selects a tab they want to see when opening Message Center but then hides that specific subtab, the default will be that Message Center opens on Messages New subtabs.

Collection Date and Time for Alerts

On the landing page for Alerts, users will see the collected date and time under the order information column on cases.

April 25, 2024

New subtabs were added under the Archive tab to divide the alerts and message cases when they are being archived. 

April 11, 2024

A user will have the option to include the audit log when they're printing a Details page.

Users will be able to archive all alerts on any Alert subtab displayed on the landing page by clicking the Archive All button. The cases being displayed on that page will then move to the Archived tab.

When a user is requesting a Test Add On and has created a new order, in the "Was a new order created for this test? Yes" section, when the user enters the order number information the newly added tests and Ask at Order Entry (AOE) answers will autofill within Message Center. 

March 28, 2024

Semi-urgent cases are now being more clearly defined, so that semi-urgent alerts will only trigger for orders that have “Semi-Urgent” in the result comment. 

Contact Customer Service with questions or concerns. Thank you.  

February 29, 2024

Message Center count on MCL.com dashboard with links to subtabs

Users will be able to see all category/subtab new messages on the MCL.com home page. When a user clicks the category/subtab it will take them to the landing page with that subtab displaying. Users will no longer see the blue circle new messages by the Message Center icon on the homepage, but the icon will still take them to the Message Center landing page.

Pull user default settings and display in Message Center

Users will be able to set the category/subtab that the Message Center opens so that it is customized to their workflow.

This setting is by account. When the Landing Page displays cases from more than one account and the accounts are set to open on different categories/subtabs, the default category upon opening the page is ALERTS, and the default subtab is Critical/Semi-Urgent.

  1. If a user has three accounts and only one account has their user setting on (Alert/Revision), the system will see that one setting and take the user to that setting Alert/Revision
  2. If a user has three accounts and zero user settings on, it will take them to the default Alert/Critical-Semi Urgent
  3. If a user has three accounts and one account is set at Messages/New and the other two accounts are set at Alert/Transportation, the user will be taken to the default Alert/Critical-Semi Urgent
  4. If a user has three accounts but if the last time they were in Message Center it was only under one account, it will take that user to whatever setting they have for that specific account.

User Interface (UI) Change

Existing components will move to a different system to keep the look standardized. This visually changes the UI.

  1. Test Cancel Section - No documentation in email is needed.
  2. AOE question section has a new added caret that is open when a user opens the DETAILS page. This caret can be collapsed when needed.
  3. Landing page category parentheses numbers - The Landing Page now has a new look on the category tabs to display the number of messages.

February 1, 2024

Canceled tests, Revised, Critical, and Semi-Urgent results

Users will see new subtabs under the Alert category for the following:

  • Alert - Critical / Semi-Urgent
  • Alert - Revision
  • Alert - Cancellation

Users can review the result report, assign, print, and archive alerts, streamlining the management process. This enables effective delegation, documentation, and organization of alerts for efficient monitoring and historical reference. When a user opens Message Center the default tab will now be Alert - Critical/Semi-Urgent that opens.

Immediate and summary email notifications

Users can choose to receive immediate and summary email notifications for:

  • Canceled tests
  • Critical results
  • Revised results
  • Semi-Urgent results

All but Transportation information email notifications are set to "off" so emails will not be sent unless the user turns them on in Message Center Settings.

Email alerts related to transportation delays

The user setting to receive email alerts related to transportation delays will now be "on" by default.  If a user does not want to receive Transportation information email notifications, they can remove the selection in Message Center SETTINGS.

January 22, 2024

A new option in ACCOUNT SETTINGS will allow clients to keep the same user assigned to a message, rather than the message automatically becoming unassigned when it is ‘Sent to Mayo.’ Clients will be able to specify whether they want to keep the same user assigned to a message.

In response to user feedback, the SETTINGS pages have been redesigned to set the user assignment settings apart from the email subscription settings.

Contact Customer Service with questions or concerns.

January 8, 2024

Message Center has been enhanced to include new capabilities:

  • Audit log
  • Red text
  • Specimen pending arrival

Audit log

An AUDIT LOG for clients to view appears at the bottom of the DETAILS page for all case types. It will be collapsed by default; users must click it to view it. Actions taken by the Administrator and RSR users will not be shown in the Audit Log UI in Message Center. Those audits can be viewed within the CRM case.

Red text

Specimen pending arrival

December 11, 2023

Mayo-initiated Test Add-On Attestation box

Users will see an Attestation Required approval box for tests that Mayo is adding. Clients will need to either Accept or Deny and then save the Test Add On that is in question. Before they do, users will be able to ask additional questions, but Mayo will need a decision on the Test Add On. The user's name, date, and time will be added once the decision is saved.

When Mayo asks for an additional specimen for testing, clients will be able to print the additional sheet from the DETAILS page that is associated with the order so that they can send it with the additional specimen.

November 27, 2023

Clients can print case information and client internal notes prior to submitting a response to Mayo Clinic Laboratories

When the client user clicks the Print icon (printer in circle at top right) to open the Print window, the Internal Instructions dialog box appears. Completing the text field in this dialog box is optional. When the user begins entering internal notes in this field, the ghost text disappears. The character limit for the field is 2,000. When the user prints the DETAILS page, the notes appear in a blue box on the printout. They will not be saved as a draft in the case, and therefore, Mayo Clinic Laboratories will not be able to view them. Users do not have to fill out the Internal Instructions dialog box. They can simply click the CONTINUE button, and the page will print without internal instructions the blue box. Alternatively, the user can click the CANCEL button or the X at the top right to return to the DETAILS page without printing.

November 13, 2023

  • Closed cases can now be assigned or unassigned to a user. As a user, you can change the assignment of a Closed Case when follow-up work is needed.
  • When requesting a Test Add-On, you will be able to see previous Ask at Order Entry (AOE) questions (if the information exists), allowing you to reuse that information for a new Test Add-On request if needed. You can click and drag the original AOE to the new Test Add-On AOE box.

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