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Notifications functionality available for MayoACCESS clients

We are happy to share the launch of new Notifications functionality on As a MayoACCESS client, this functionality enables you to send and receive notification emails when test results are available for specific conditions, such as a certain Test ID(s) and/or ordering physician(s).


Additionally, Notifications will enable you to:

  • View the Notification rules that are set up for an account, determine whether they are active, and see how many notifications have been sent.
  • See the details and change history for any rule.
  • Clone or copy a rule to create another rule.
  • Test whether a notification would be sent for a rule, e.g., for when a result is available for a certain test, or a certain ordering physician.

How can I access the Notifications functionality?

  • Go to and sign in.
  • Click the Notifications icon on the Dashboard.
  • The Notification Rules page will be displayed. If users have access to more than one account, select the desired account number to view and manage notification rules.

For more information, please see the Resources section on this page, or contact us.


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