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Comprehensive inherited neuropathy panel

Diagnosis, simplified

Our comprehensive inherited neuropathy panel simplifies the diagnostic process by using next-generation sequencing to evaluate 186 genes with associations to inherited neuropathy. Comprised only of clinically relevant genes, our panel was carefully vetted by a multidisciplinary team of neurologists and geneticists and includes 60 unique genes that enable an enhanced diagnostic yield over traditional testing approaches.

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Comprehensive inherited neuropathy panel

Key testing


  • Establishes a molecular diagnosis for patients with peripheral neuropathy.
  • Offers improved sensitivity of more than 99.9% for both small mutations and copy number variants on all genes and 94.7% on insertions/deletions.
  • Identifies variants within genes known to be associated with peripheral neuropathy, allowing for predictive testing of at-risk family members.

  1. Internal Mayo Clinic data.

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