Increasing the value
of genetic testing.

Accurate results
through cutting-edge
NGS testing.

We offer comprehensive neurogenetic testing, backed by a multidisciplinary team of clinical neurology experts, laboratory scientists, and genetic counselors, to provide the highest standard for mutation detection and depth of coverage. No other laboratory matches the breadth of our testing, which can help facilitate interpretations by recommending confirmatory testing for variants of unknown or unclear significance.

Our neurogenetic testing focuses on some of the most common hereditary neurological conditions. We increase the value of genetic testing by only including genes with clinical significance and by using an algorithmic approach to testing to save money and ensure the highest level of care.


Genes with clinical significance

A focus on test utilization

Our testing was designed to focus on depth of coverage to
ensure that we will find any genetic variants present. We offer
testing with 3–5x more depth of coverage than the industry
standard to give you peace of mind with negative test results.

Our genetic tests are built based on a well-curated panel of
genes. We focus on genes with clinical significance that are
known to play a role in neurologic disease. By targeting
important genes, we eliminate variants of unknown
significance and therefore eliminate confusing results

We believe in an algorithmic and phenotypic approach to test
ordering that focuses on providing the right test for the right
patient. By using this approach, clinicians get answers for their
patients in the most efficient way, saving time and money for
their institution.

Webinar - Genetic testing for neurologic disorders. How can it help you and your patients?

This "Specialty Testing" webinar, presented by Emily Lauer, CGC, and Angela Pickart, CGC outlines the benefits and limitations of genetic testing for neurologic disorders and provides a framework for interpretation of test results.

Genetic Tests, coordinated care, and research provide hope for patients with a genetic neurological disease

Life with an inherited disease sometimes brings unexpected twists and turns. Five-year-old Gus Erickson has navigated the gyrations with the help of Mayo Clinic’s Neurofibromatosis Clinic. Neurofibromatosis (NF) is a genetic disorder that causes tumors to form on nerve tissue.