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Our comprehensive neurogenetic test menu is backed by a multidisciplinary team of clinical neurology experts, laboratory scientists, and genetic counselors who work collaboratively to develop and implement actionable testing that delivers meaningful results. Unparalleled in scope and detail, and focused on meeting patients’ needs, our testing uses an algorithmic and phenotypic approach that ensures the right patient receives the right test at the right time. Our thoughtfully curated panels facilitate understanding of patients’ underlying diagnoses by only including clinically significant genes.

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Mayo Clinic experts designed our testing with a focus on both breadth and depth of coverage to ensure detection of any genetic variants present. Our carefully designed genetic tests include supplemental assays to ensure thoroughness in areas of low coverage. Phenotype-specific panels enable targeted testing, improving diagnosis and providing peace of mind with negative test results. Expert analysis of results by our board-certified genetic counselors can help guide complementary testing options to assist in clinical interpretation.

“Our inclusive phenotype-based design is meant to simplify neurogenetic evaluation.”

Neal Niu, Ph.D., director of the Clinical Genome Sequencing Laboratory

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