Increasing the value
of genetic testing

Accurate results
through cutting-edge
NGS testing

We offer comprehensive neurogenetic testing, backed by a multidisciplinary team of clinical neurology experts, laboratory scientists, and genetic counselors, to provide the highest standard for mutation detection for the most common hereditary neurological conditions.

Mayo Clinic Laboratories’ emphasis on algorithmic and phenotypic testing approaches ensures the right patient receives the right test at the right time.

  • The scope and detail of our neurogenetic testing is unparalleled, providing greater depth of coverage in testing areas that include mitochondrial disease, microarray, epilepsy, neuropathies and neuromuscular disorders, biochemical genetics, and muscle, nerve, and skin pathologies.
  • Our thoughtfully curated panels help facilitate clinicians’ understanding of patients’ potential underlying diagnoses by only including genes with clinical significance and by using algorithmic testing approaches.
  • Expert analysis of results by our board-certified laboratory directors and genetic counselors provides guidance on complementary testing options that assist in clinical interpretation. 


Mayo Clinic experts designed our testing with a focus on both breadth and depth of coverage to ensure detection of any genetic variants present. Our carefully designed tests include supplemental assays to ensure thoroughness in areas of low coverage.

Genes with clinical significance

Well-curated panels of genes are the foundation of our genetic tests. By targeting genes with clinical significance known to play a role in neurological disease, we eliminate variants in genes of unknown significance and potentially confusing results.

A focus on test utilization

Our focus on providing the right test for the right patient underscores our belief in an algorithmic and phenotypic approach to test ordering. This approach enables clinicians to efficiently procure answers, saving time and money for their institution.

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