Liquid Biopsy

Comprehensive, cell-free DNA testing

For certain patients not able to undergo traditional tissue-based biopsy, liquid biopsy testing can provide fast, accurate answers. In some instances — such as when answers are needed more quickly than traditional biopsy allows, tissue is not available for molecular testing, tissue biopsy is not viable for the patient, and for patients with cancer in a difficult biopsy location — liquid biopsy testing can be a viable alternative.

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Liquid Biopsy

Faster and less invasive than traditional biopsy testing, our liquid biopsy panel is a cell-free DNA test that uses next-generation sequencing to evaluate peripheral blood for 33 genes. The genes included in our panel are a condensed yet comprehensive group of National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) Guidelines-targeted genes and genes associated with approved FDA therapies.

We require a DNA input of 20 nanograms, divided into two Streck tubes with 10 nanograms each. This lower input requirement may lead to lower sample rejection rates. This test also includes a detailed result report containing information on medications to guide treatment. 

Key testing


  • Uses peripheral blood to evaluate 33 full coding genes.
  • Detects single nucleotide variants, insertions, and deletions, as well as translocations and microsatellite instability (MSI).
  • Includes important immunotherapy biomarkers like POLE, POLD1, and CD274.
  • Complements the laboratory’s cell-based cancer testing.



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