Advanced testing for personalized answers

Guiding treatment for solid tumors

In a rapidly changing landscape of genetic technology and cancer treatment options, the journey patients take through diagnosis and treatment is highly individual. Understanding the unique genetic features of patients' tumors is essential to helping physicians select from an array of treatment options — including newer targeted and immunotherapies — to devise an optimal care plan for each patient. Comprehensive genetic testing is the first step in starting cancer patients down the right path.

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Sample reports

The MayoComplete Solid Tumor Panel

Analyzes mutations, rearrangements, and/or amplifications in 514 genes

Guides treatment options, including targeted and immunotherapies

Evaluates tumor mutation burden status and microsatellite instability

Can assist in determining eligibility for clinical trials

Delivers results that are interpreted and analyzed by Mayo Clinic geneticists, pathologists, and clinicians

The right test for each patient

At Mayo Clinic, we recognize a one-size-fits-all approach doesn't meet the needs of every patient. Multiple factors, such as history, diagnosis, specimen availability, and prognosis, affect which test a patient receives. We offer a complete menu of genetic assays, ranging from single-gene testing to disease-specific panels to our comprehensive MayoComplete Solid Tumor Panel, ensuring each patient receives the right test and personalized answers to guide their care.

Providing results for more patients 

Cancer specimens can be small and can vary in tumor content. Obtaining enough tissue for multiple molecular and histological tests has historically created a significant challenge for pathologists in testing patients for clinically actionable mutations as recommended. We have optimized specimen requirements by reducing the amount of FFPE tissue and accepting cytology as an alternative specimen type, which allows more patients to receive results. 

Definitive reports, clear answers

MayoComplete solid tumor testing includes detailed reports that highlight diagnostic findings, therapeutic associations, availability of on- and off-label therapies, prognostic markers, and existence of applicable clinical trials that enable deeper understanding of the best treatment courses.

In-depth results for more patients

MayoComplete Solid Tumor Panel

Kevin Halling, M.D., Ph.D., co-director of the Mayo Clinic Genomics Laboratory in the Division of Laboratory Genetics, discusses the benefit of comprehensive solid tumor genomic profiling and how complete testing is advancing the science of cancer care.

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