Classify the composition

Determine stone composition, risk factors, and optimal treatment

The presence of stones within kidneys, or nephrolithiasis, is the most common condition affecting the urinary system.1 Kidney stones correlate with an increased risk of chronic kidney disease, end-stage renal failure, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and hypertension.

To optimize patient care, our kidney stone services will identify the physical compositions of stones. Mayo Clinic Laboratories’ comprehensive approach and concise report supports your practice with accurate interpretation to guide clinical decisions.

Guiding patient therapy

Mayo Clinic Laboratories’ kidney stone analysis evaluates the urinary stones’ crystalline complexes for insights that can be useful to facilitate treatment decisions. Knowledge of stone composition is particularly useful for individuals with recurrent stone formation.

Key testing

KIDST | Kidney Stone Analysis

  • Identifies renal calculi composition.
  • Supports treatment plan development.
  • Aids in reducing stone recurrences.

When to consider testing

  • After first collected stone.
  • After subsequent stones, depending on the clinical situation.
  • In conjunction with a metabolic evaluation.

7 steps to clean and dry kidney stones

For the highest quality results, follow the kidney stone preparation steps laid out in our 7 part video series.

Proper stone collection guidance

Optimum analysis stems from proper specimen collection. Increase accuracy and improve turnaround time by reviewing our stone collection instructions.

Learn more about how to order these evaluations at your institution.


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