Accurately detect benzodiazepine use

Benzodiazepines represent a large family of medications used to treat a wide range of disorders, from anxiety to seizures. They also are used in pain management. With a high risk for abuse and diversion, professional practice guidelines recommend compliance monitoring for these medications using urine drug tests. However, traditional benzodiazepine immunoassays suffer from a lack of cross-reactivity with many benzodiazepines.

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Targeted screening

Our targeted, high-resolution mass spectrometry screening assay identifies 27 different benzodiazepines and metabolites in the urine, reducing the need for additional confirmation assays. Results of this assay enable clinicians to accurately detect recent benzodiazepine use and effectively monitor treatment compliance.

Key testing


Comprehensive monitoring

Several of our comprehensive profiles include targeted benzodiazepine monitoring (Mayo ID: TABSU).

Panel testing

Key testing


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