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Supported by a team of world-renowned leaders in the field of autoimmune neurology, Mayo Clinic Laboratories’ testing for immune-mediated neurological disorders is unparalleled. Driven by ongoing discoveries about the role of autoantibody biomarkers in autoimmune neurologic disease, our lab continually validates novel autoantibody profiles that inform clinical decision-making. With evaluations that span the spectrum of autoimmune neurological disorders, our testing enables insights on diagnosis, prognosis, disease management, and treatment efficacy.


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The Power of Discovery

Autoimmune encephalopathy evaluation: Why be comprehensive?

Neuroimmunology: Updates and antibody test utilization

Antibody Prevalence in Epilepsy and Encephalopathy (APE2) Score

Pediatric Autoimmune CNS Disorders Evaluation

Advancements in Autoimmune Neurology: Dr. Andrew McKeon

Communique, Case Study, and Patient Spotlight

Nailing the suspect: The prevalence of autoimmune encephalitis compared with infectious encephalitis

University of Louisville: Building an evidence-based algorithm to guide autoimmune neurology patient care

Back from the brink: Sheila Lewis

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APE2 Scorecard

Antibody Matrix

Autoimmune/Paraneoplastic Encephalitis Antibody Biomarkers: Frequency, Age, and Sex Associations Study

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