Today's highlights include: End of Covid emergency will usher in changes across the US health system, vaccine makers prep bird flu shot for humans ‘just in case’; rich nations lock in supplies, and a nuclear power plant leaked contaminated water in Minnesota.

By Chantell Canfield • March 24, 2023

Today's Highlights Include: Rochester public schools receives grant to support youth mental health, and FDA releases new regs intended to help detect breast cancer sooner.

By Chantell Canfield • March 17, 2023

Today's Highlights Include: University of Minnesota, State health department launch scholarship for public health studies, diabetes and obesity are on the rise in young adults, A study says, and U.S. to lift Covid testing requirements on travelers from China.

By Chantell Canfield • March 10, 2023

Today's Highlights Include: COVID-19 deaths remain low compared to previous winters, FDA authorizing first at-home combo flu/Covid test, and Rochester public schools evaluating mental health needs and services throughout the district.

By Chantell Canfield • March 3, 2023

Today's Highlights Include: Ozempic running low for diabetes patients as weight-loss use surges, and Rochester public schools gets $1.9M for mental health scholarships.

By Chantell Canfield • February 24, 2023

Today's Highlights Include: CDC adds COVID vaccine to routine immunization schedule for kids and adults, Governments target medical debt with COVID relief funds and Minnesota being the 1st state to screen all newborns for serious viral infection.

By Chantell Canfield • February 17, 2023

Today's Highlights Include: President Biden to End Covid-19 Emergencies On May 11, and Children’s Minnesota Received $3 Million Grant To Address Pediatric Health Disparities.

By Chantell Canfield • February 3, 2023

Today's highlights include: Facing 'alarming' health care worker shortage, unusual cases of hepatitis in young children, and why women's risk of heart disease increased during the pandemic.

By Meghann Southwick • April 15, 2022

Top highlights include: a third dose of COVID-19 vaccine sparking debate over booster shots, rare reactions with the J&J COVID-19 vaccine, and can vaccinated people get long Covid.

By Chantell Canfield • July 16, 2021

Dr. Morice was recently featured in The Athletic regarding sports teams and how to safely and efficiently bring them back.

By Suzanne Ferguson • August 6, 2020

Mayo Clinic Laboratories is pleased to announce it has been selected as a UnitedHealthcare Preferred Lab Network (PLN) care provider. Under the agreement, effective July 1, 2019, UnitedHealthcare members have in-network access to Mayo Clinic Laboratories’ comprehensive subspecialty testing menu.

By Mayo Clinic Laboratories • December 11, 2019

Top highlights include: deadly superbugs, evolution of patient safety, what to know about metabolic syndrome, and side effects of the flu shot.

By Samantha Rossi • November 15, 2019

Top highlights include: Discovery of a new HIV strain, Google to acquire Fitbit, how to stay healthy while traveling during the holidays, and how a rare mutation protected a woman from developing Alzheimer's.

By Samantha Rossi • November 8, 2019