Top highlights include: mainstay treatment for mild Asthma, what to know about deadly mosquito-born illness, dog owners might have healthier hearts, and the limitations of research on CBD.

By Samantha Rossi • August 30, 2019

Top highlights include: Stanford developed wireless sensors for health, new breast cancer guidelines, telerehab, and discussions around the effectiveness of zinc for the common cold.

By Samantha Rossi • August 23, 2019

Top highlights include: old drugs might be the next antibiotic, effective treatments for Ebola, and the impact of anxiety for dementia patients.

By Samantha Rossi • August 16, 2019

Top highlights include: measles can harm a child’s defense against infections, new procedures to delay menopause, and doctors training for climate-related topics.

By Samantha Rossi • August 9, 2019

Shotgun metagenomic sequencing is a revolutionary new way to detect infectious organisms. Based on a recent study at Mayo, the tool has already shown great promise in identifying the causes of prosthetic joint infections, which have been challenging to identify.

By Christoph Bahn • August 9, 2019

Mayo Clinic startup company Vineti developed first-of-its-kind software package tracking for cell therapies. Vineti’s groundbreaking product captured a World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer Award in the field of health.

By Suzanne R. Ferguson • August 7, 2019

Top highlights include: advances in A.I. in health care, 30th annual best hospital rankings, and more.

By Samantha Rossi • August 2, 2019

Mayo Clinic in Rochester again has been ranked the nation’s best hospital in U.S. News & World Report’s 2019–2020 “Best Hospitals” rankings.

By Mayo Clinic News Network • August 1, 2019

Top highlights include: why you should stop taking aspirin every day, Mayo Clinic’s next maestro, and ways to avoid heat stroke and exhaustion during higher temperatures.

By Samantha Rossi • July 26, 2019

Top highlights include: healthy lifestyle may reduce risk for dementia, Ebola outbreak in Congo declared a global health emergency, and a promising new migraine medication.

By Samantha Rossi • July 19, 2019

Top highlights include: loss of sleep could lead to an increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease, Amazon’s Alexa to deliver medical advice in the UK, and scientists studying brains of altruistic kidney donors.

By Samantha Rossi • July 12, 2019

If your organization refers outpatient testing to Mayo Clinic Laboratories (MCL) for molecular pathology tests, the performing laboratory will be required to bill Medicare directly for tests that meet specific requirements. This new exception to the laboratory Date of Service (DOS) policy will not apply to advanced laboratory diagnostic tests (ADLTs) or molecular pathology tests performed on a specimen collected from a hospital inpatient.

By mayocliniclabs • July 1, 2019

Top highlights include: common drugs have a higher dementia risk and Mayo study shows vitamin deficiencies may be the only sign of celiac disease.

By Suzanne R. Ferguson • June 28, 2019