Cristiane (Cris) Ida, M.D., explains how Mayo Clinic Laboratories' updated neuro-oncology gene panel provides more clinically relevant information for managing adult and pediatric brain tumors.

By Barbara J. Toman • January 31, 2023

As part of Mayo Clinic’s Neuro-Oncology practice, the Division of Laboratory Genetics and Genomics tests about 50 brain tumors a week, and upwards of 1,500 brain tumors a year from all over the world.

By Chris Bahnsen • January 2, 2023

As a two-time brain tumor survivor, Alex Kraatz has been through more harrowing medical experiences in his 34 years than most people face in a lifetime. But Alex’s fighting spirit, coupled with precision laboratory testing and cutting-edge treatments, have propelled him forward, keeping him hopeful despite the odds.

By Robin Huiras-Carlson • July 11, 2022

This “Specialty Testing” webinar will discuss the collaborative effort which led to the discovery of Kelch like protein 11 (KLHL11) IgG as a specific biomarker of neurological autoimmunity associated testicular germ cell tumor.

By MCL Education • July 22, 2021

The genetic variability of glioma, and its more advanced relative glioblastoma, has made genetic testing to identify biomarkers associated with prognosis and treatment effectivity an integral component of care plan development. However, the acceleration of brain tumor research and discovery translates into an ever-changing testing environment.

By Robin Huiras-Carlson • June 9, 2021

This "Specialty Testing" webinar will address practical aspects and pitfalls in the molecular diagnosis of brain tumors.

By MCL Education • January 13, 2021

At Mayo Clinic, we offer a comprehensive approach to testing that focuses on the best outcomes for the patient. Our testing method combines molecular and cytogenetic analysis (in addition to a standard morphological and histological assessment) to provide a clear picture of the diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment options. This approach maximizes the amount of information available, allowing for a tailored treatment plan.

By Samantha Rossi • February 13, 2020

Neuro-oncology is a complex field undergoing rapid changes with the advancement and evolution of sophisticated genetic testing. Evidence continues to grow in support of broad molecular and cytogenetic analysis for patients with brain tumors.

By Alyssa Frank • May 7, 2019

Robert Jenkins, M.D., Ph.D., a pathologist and cancer geneticist at Mayo Clinic, provides an overview of the new neuro-oncology expanded gene panel and chromosomal microarray testing available through Mayo Medical Laboratories. He discusses which types of patients should be tested, how these tests improves upon previous methods, and what clinical action can be taken from the results of this testing.

By Alyssa Frank • November 12, 2018

Clinical studies at the Mayo Clinic have shown that this broad, but tumor-specific, genetic analysis has significant, and sometimes unexpected, clinical impact. The following case studies highlight the importance and clinical utility of these assays in diagnosis, prognosis, and therapy selection.

By Mayo Clinic Laboratories • August 21, 2018