An effective laboratory outreach program can unlock a wide array of benefits for a health system and its laboratory. Every day, hospital laboratories struggle for dollars to meet the challenges of decreasing reimbursement and rising costs. How are they expected to survive (or possibly even thrive)? That is where laboratory outreach can make a difference. In outreach, a laboratory’s services become externally focused rather than only concentrating on the patients in hospital beds. It is the opposite of traditional lab medicine — it is entrepreneurial, intentional, and effective.

By Brianne Newton, MS, MT(ASCP) • November 8, 2022

In the inaugural episode of the "Leveraging the Laboratory" podcast, host Jane Hermansen, outreach manager at Mayo Clinic Laboratories, is joined by outreach colleagues Brianne Newton and Ellen Dijkman Dulkes. They discuss their laboratory backgrounds, the history and importance of laboratory outreach, and how their work can support the growth of hospital laboratories.

By Brianne Newton, MS, MT(ASCP) • October 31, 2022

In this month’s “Outreach Webinar,” hear from Mayo Clinic Laboratories attorney Sharon Zehe, J.D., who answers frequently asked questions from hospital laboratory outreach programs. Typical questions include: What is the best business model? Should the laboratory have a separate Tax ID (EIN)? Does the laboratory need a separate NPI number? Should the outreach program remain as a hospital department? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each model?

By Mayo Clinic Laboratories • August 10, 2022

Laboratory outreach programs across the country vary in size, complexity, and success. Effective management is necessary to maximize an outreach program’s full potential. This session will discuss the critical success factors for an outreach program and how to manage across Administrative, Operational, Business and Financial aspects.

By Mayo Clinic Laboratories • March 31, 2022

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Many laboratory directors come from a technical background, however as healthcare becomes increasingly more complex, it is important to also have a strong financial foundation. An effective outreach leader will be able to consistently quantify revenue, cost and profitability of the outreach program, and communicate relevant data to senior leaders.

By Mayo Clinic Laboratories Outreach Team • August 7, 2020

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By Mayo Clinic Laboratories Outreach Team • April 17, 2020

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