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Mayo Clinic Laboratories can optimize your lab’s financial performance

With dozens of clinically available inflammatory bowel disease testing options, choosing the right test for your patients can be complicated, costly, and confusing. 

Mayo Clinic Laboratories’ expert-backed menu of inflammatory bowel disease testing is supported by a team of gastrointestinal disease specialists who can provide information and tactics to:

  • Improve your test utilization.
  • Decrease your testing costs.
  • Achieve better test results for your patients.

Customized insights for improved outcomes

Our GI experts are available to help you better understand your IBD test utilization and highlight potential cost savings through our customizable cost calculator.

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By the numbers

3 Million

3 million Americans1 and 6 million to 8 million individuals globally2 have IBD

$31 Billion

$31 billion annual financial burden of IBD3 in the U.S.

3.9 Million

3.9 million prescriptions written for medications to treat IBD in 2010

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