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Laboratory/Patient Safety/Quality

PACE / State of CA / State of FL
November 18, 2020 | 11am-Noon CT
This “Phlebotomy Webinar will discuss the what and why of quality metrics and indicators and how to determine which indicators to monitor.

By MCL Education • October 5, 2020

PACE / State of CA / State of FL
Originally presented October 21, 2020
This “Phlebotomy Webinar” will focus on the role of the phlebotomist and the changes adapted to provide service safely to COVID positive patients in different service areas (ED, ICU vs General floors).

By MCL Education • September 30, 2020

In this month's "Virtual Lecture," Ann Moyer, M.D., Ph.D. describes how Pharmagenomic and therapeutic drug monitoring tools aid medical providers in selecting drugs and doses to maximize efficacy while minimizing toxicity for mental illnesses, including depression.

By MCL Education • September 25, 2020

These "Customer Service" modules are a tool to enhance interactions with your clients and build an exceptional customer service experience.

By MCL Education • September 14, 2020

This "Continual Improvement" Webinar will highlight differences in proficiency testing practices in laboratory networks, discuss possible pitfalls and strategies to reduce risk, and examine regulatory changes and ways to adapt to them at the network level.

By MCL Education • March 11, 2020

PACE / State of CA / State of FL
This "Phlebotomy webinar" focuses on the origins of difficult collections and the situations that result in them.

By MCL Education • February 19, 2020

PACE / State of CA / State of FL
This "Phlebotomy webinar" will discuss ethical issues frequently faced by phlebotomists.

By MCL Education • December 18, 2019

PACE / State of CA / State of FL
In this "Continual Improvement" webinar, we will discuss the basic framework for investigating, designing, and documenting a laboratory design or redesign project.

By MCL Education • September 23, 2019

R. Ross Reichard, M.D., DLMP Vice Chair of Quality and Associate Chair of Practice, recently contributed to a College of American Pathologists (CAP) article in CAP Today. The article, "How the Laboratory Drives Patient Satisfaction," explores the myriad ways laboratories can monitor and improve the patient experience.

By Molly Dee • August 2, 2019

PACE / State of CA / State of FL
In this month’s “Virtual Lecture” learn what it takes to develop an onboarding program for new supervisors and managers while exploring the importance of supporting your new leaders.

By MCL Education • July 24, 2019

PACE / State of CA / State of FL
This “Continual Improvement” webinar will assist leaders in contemplating their current leadership styles and developing their potential for growth.

By MCL Education • June 12, 2019

PACE / State of CA / State of FL
This “Continual Improvement” webinar will take a closer look at the different Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) roles and responsibilities.

By MCL Education • March 13, 2019

PACE / State of CA / State of FL
This "Phlebotomy" webinar will provide an introduction to cost of quality. The main components of the presentation will include discussions on the cost of attaining quality and the cost of poor quality.

By MCL Education • February 27, 2019