Hot Topic

In this month's "Hot Topic," Matthew Binnicker, Ph.D., discusses the use of multiplex panels for the diagnosis of respiratory infections and focuses on the clinical utility of these tests in the setting of upper respiratory tract infections.

By MCL Education • June 6, 2022

In this month's "Hot Topic," Elitza Theel, Ph.D., will be discussing laboratory utilization management, specifically for diagnostic testing for tick-borne diseases.

By MCL Education • May 2, 2022

In this month’s “Hot Topic,” Nancy Wengenack, Ph.D., discusses susceptibility testing of yeast for those who are considering performing it in their laboratory, perhaps for the first time, or for those who choose to send their yeast isolates out to a reference laboratory for susceptibility testing but who want to understand how the reference laboratory generates the data that comes back on reports.

By MCL Education • April 25, 2022

In this month's "Hot Topic," Paul Jannetto, Ph.D., identifies how to determine new vs. residual use of marijuana in a patient, and teaches how to calculate the carboxy-tetrahydrocannabinol (carboxy-THC) to creatinine ratio along with a decision ratio by demonstrating its clinical utility via case study.

By MCL Education • March 7, 2022

In this month’s “Hot Topic,” Brad Karon, M.D., Ph.D., addresses the safe handling of laboratory specimens submitted during the COVID-19 pandemic through his yearly Phlebotomy Top Gun presentation based on the previous year’s Phlebotomy conference.

By MCL Education • February 28, 2022

In this month's "Hot Topic," Alicia Algeciras, Ph.D., DABCC, and Joshua Bornhorst, Ph.D., DABCC, discuss Alzheimer's disease CSF biomarkers.

By MCL Education • February 7, 2022

In this month's "Hot Topic," Anja Roden, M.D., a thoracic pathologist at Mayo Clinic, gives an update on the 2021 World Health Organization (WHO) classification and ancillary testing of pleural mesothelioma.

By MCL Education • January 24, 2022

In this month’s “Hot Topic,” Vlad Vasile, M.D., Ph.D., reviews ceramides and their atherosclerotic risk through defining ceramides, talking about when they should be tested for and touch on the topic of ceramides in primary prevention.

By MCL Education • January 3, 2022

In this month’s “Hot Topic,” Julia Lehman, M.D., will discuss autoimmune bullous dermatoses, the rare category of blistering skin diseases that are caused by the development of autoantibodies against various constitutive parts of the epidermis or dermal-epidermal junction.

By MCL Education • December 15, 2021

In this month's "Hot Topic," Jess Peterson, M.D., discusses changes to Mayo Clinic Laboratories’ hematology FISH menu to increase awareness, provide reasoning, and highlight some of the great things that are coming.

By MCL Education • December 6, 2021

In this month’s “Hot Topic,” Anja Roden, M.D., discusses new entities and changes of terminology in the 2021 World Health Organization (WHO) classification of lung tumors as well as the nomenclature in small biopsies.

By MCL Education • November 1, 2021

In this month’s “Hot Topic,” Elitza Theel, Ph.D., discusses the modified two-tiered testing algorithm for Lyme disease entirely based on enzyme immunoassays (EIA).

By MCL Education • October 6, 2021

In this month’s “Hot Topic,” Brad Karon, M.D., Ph.D., reviews the results of a study that Mayo Clinic recently published comparing four different rapid antigen tests for novel coronavirus.

By MCL Education • September 13, 2021