Genetic testing

Backed by clinical data and developed by an experienced team of geneticists, genetic counselors, laboratory scientists, and bioinformaticians, our genetic testing is designed to deliver individualized insights that advance understanding of a patient’s inherited illness. Our full menu of genetic testing includes whole exome sequencing, fertility and prenatal testing, and disease-specific evaluations. Because test results can be complex, our genetic disease experts are available to answer questions about findings or the need for additional testing.

Specialty testing

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Whole exome sequencing for hereditary disorders [Test in Focus]

Mitochondrial Disease [Test in Focus]

Diagnostic and monitoring tests for a common inherited ataxia

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MayoComplete testing

MayoComplete Solid Tumor Panel [Test in Focus]

MayoComplete advanced genetic testing to guide patient care

Hearing Loss

Hereditary hearing loss [Test in Focus]

Hearing genetics [Speciality Webinar]


Renal genetics

State-of-the-art genetics panel optimizes kidney disease treatment [Test in Focus]

Genetic kidney disease comprehensive evaluations to identify causes

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