Individualized answers for personalized care

Our menu of MayoComplete next-generation sequencing assays includes targeted testing for a growing list of hematologic cancers. Utilizing next-generation sequencing, our MayoComplete testing ensures each patient receives personalized answers to guide their care.

Test menu

Precision testing for individual insights

MayoComplete disease-specific, next-generation sequencing hematology panels provide focused insights on genetic variations found in hematological cancers to optimize treatment outcomes. MayoComplete hematology testing includes both comprehensive and targeted assays.

Testing advantages

  • Developed, validated, analyzed, and reported by experts.
  • Guides decisions on optimal treatment options, including targeted immunotherapies.
  • High accuracy and sensitivity.
  • A full menu of complementary microarray, FISH, and IHC testing available, providing full-spectrum testing in one laboratory.

Clear answers, definitive reports

Because testing is complex and selecting the right assay can be challenging, our team of board-certified geneticists and genetic counselors is available to assist with questions related to testing options and results interpretation.

MayoComplete next-generation sequencing includes detailed reports that highlight diagnostic findings, therapeutic associations, availability of on- and off-label therapies, prognostic markers, and existence of applicable clinical trials that enable deeper understanding of the best treatment choices.


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